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Custom-tailored to make you look good.

One size does not fit all, especially on Long Island and in New York City. The zdi design group difference is the time we take to research the unique challenges and opportunities of your business and industry. From there, we use our passion and proven ability to deliver outstanding work for our clients to create bespoke digital solutions. We integrate these initiatives across your website, social platforms, mobile, while considering every aspect of your business and your specific goals. We're results-oriented: we only take on clients whose success we believe will benefit from unique solutions.

A Proven Approach to "New" Media

Let's talk about "new media." There's nothing "new" about the Internet. Would you call a 1996 Subaru new? Because that's when the Internet first started to take off. And as a Long Island web design company, [zdi] has been building websites for over twelve years. Websites are not new. What's new is social media, mobile apps and websites, game layers, location layers and augmented reality. With a focus on what's after what's next, [zdi] makes sure that new technology is brought to our clients with a pragmatic business approach.

Consumers have changed. We've changed.
Now you have to.